What improvements would you like to see in Indian Railways?

As we all know about the Odyssey of the Indian Railways, its rich heritage and the services provided to the nation and its citizens is commendable. However, we see still there are many opportunity areas to be worked on to make it better and safe for us but due to lack of government’s interest and staff associated from the railways put things into the doldrums. It has come to ages but lags behind when we compare with other countries. The malpractices and lack of co-operation and co-ordination among departments hamper the smooth functioning; curtail the progress which put our railways into jeopardy to emerge and compete with the world.

 Recent Improvements In Railways
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Recent Improvements In Railways | Indian Railway Improvement

We feel the scope of improvements In Railway which will help to eradicate the nuisances into the system and make the journey pleasant for the passengers. The primary thing is to make people accountable and responsible to perform their designated work with dedication and honesty as the job is to serve the public to their satisfaction. Unless and until they will not take their work seriously the pity condition of the railways will not improve and if anyone found guilty should be dealt with stringent legal action. Another issue is the allocation and use of proper investment and resources required for the betterment of this sector to deliver optimum output. Though it’s a major challenge for the government to Increase investment In Railway and Generate revenues Of Railway.

Indian railway is still not customer friendly due to which it is not yet accessed by all even today. A few things are not simplified for the customers as per their convenience. Like the public announcement system at the platform as most of the time, it is not clear, audible and timely so it creates chaos at the platform as we see it a regular feature of the Indian railway. The reservation chart posted on the coaches is not done as per the departure schedule of the train. At times the changes are done without any intimation to the passengers and as a result, they have to face hard times to board the train in time.

Railways must appoint external agencies to take care of the maintenance and punish those who try to damage or deface the railway properties. Ticket Checkers should not be allowed on the same train and route for a long time as people with wicked intentions will become friendly with them and bribe the ticket checkers to get benefits and favor against the rights of legal passengers. There should be high penalty and punishment for offenses like to board into reserved coaches, Travel without tickets or obtain tickets from touts. The cancellation and refund policies should be made transparent. Generally, we find that the First class long distance fare is higher than AC fare and it shows that the fares are not uniform and rational. At the same time, we should try to save our mother earth from manmade calamities like pollution by our focus on nature like the use of solar power, CNG.

If these suggestions are taken into consideration seriously by the authorities and implemented then it will not only make the journey a happy moment for all but make the Railway financially robust to one among the Top railways in the world. At last, we say it will bring a smile to everyone’s face.