Rules For Luggage During Travel in Train

Journey In Indian Railway mainly a long-Distance Journey. But Now Day We Are Facing Luggage Problem In Our Indian Railway. So, Indian Government Decides to Solve This Problem With Changing Some Rules In Every Class of Train. So That You Can Travel Easy And Lite Journey.

New Luggage Rules In Indian Railway | Amount Of Luggage Allowed To Carry

* The Luggage Which You Want to Carry Maintain with Proper Address In Hindi And English Language Before Boarding The Train Otherwise It will Not Accept.

* The Luggage Should Packed Securely Always. If They Are Left Half-Opened Or Nit Packed Properly Railway will Consider Improper Packing And They Ask The Owner Of Luggage. And Railway Will Not Allow Keeping In Train.

* In Indian Railway Mostly Luggage Trave With Passenger. Before Traveling At List Half An Hour Before Boarding The Train You Should Get Permission From The Luggage Authorities.
If Your Luggage More Then 100KG Then You Have To Pay the Bulky amount of surcharge.

*You Should Not Carry Any Explosive Product By Nature. And Dangerous Inflammable Articles Are Strictly Prohibited Ex. Acids, Gas cylinders(Empty or full)And Dead Poultry All Are Strictly Prohibited by The Indian Railway Authorities.

* If Patient is Traveling By Train And Needs Oxygen cylinders For Life Support It Can Be Carry With Valid Medical Certificate.If Some Additional Medical Luggage is Needed For Life Support Then it Can Also Be Carried Along With It.

* If You Want To Carries Trunk or Suitcase You Can But Not Bigger Than This Size (100*60*25)CMS. If The Luggage Is Bigger Than This Size Then It Should Be Booked Earlier Before Boarding The Train and It Should Be Carried Separately In Language Compartment.

The Amount Of Luggage Allowed To Carry

There Are Some Luggage Amount Rules. Which Can Be Carried When Traveling By Train.

Class Free allowance Marginal allowance Maximum quantity permitted ( including free allowance)
AC First Class 70 Kgs 15 Kgs 150 Kgs
AC 2-Tier sleeper/First class 50 Kgs 10 Kgs 100 Kgs
AC 3-tier sleeper/AC chair car 40 Kgs 10 Kgs 40 Kgs
Sleeper class 40 Kgs 10 Kgs 80 Kgs
Second class 35 Kgs 10 Kgs 70 Kgs