Has Indian railway improved?

The journey of Indian Railway started on 16th April 1853 and since then it is not only in the service of the nation but also achieved many milestones But nowadays How can Indian railway be improved.

Few milestones of Indian railway are as below:

Lord Dalhousie sanctioned the construction of railway tracks across India in 1832.
The first steam locomotive was used in 1851 in Roorkee.
The first passenger train was launched in 1853 from Mumbai to Thane.
In 1925, the first electric train had started its operation.
Rajdhani Express – the first superfast with fully air-conditioned launched in 1969.

These are the few strides which show how our railway has evolved and improved Indian railway system with time.

The earlier railway was operated on coals and it was not only expensive but affects the environment too as we see today the impact of air pollution in our life but with the electrification of the railways made it cost effective. The railway networks in India are in top 10 of the world and known as the lifeline of every Indian. The important means of transportation is a railway in India then their other modes to travel from one place to another.

How Can Indian Railways Be Improved | Improve Railway System In India 

Mostly Indians travel by railway and it accommodates every section of the society that is why it is the first choice of all. Today Indian railway improved safety For Passengers significantly with time and competition to keep the passengers or travelers happy, provide comfortable journey and security and safety first. New coaches have been introduced with world-class comfort which will give the passengers the feel of an airplane. Now the meals provided are from 5star caterers that are not only hygienic and quality foods but they offer a variety like Indian, Chinese, fast foods, Mughlai etc. as offered by airlines. Earlier the toilets were not eco-friendly but now the railways have bio-toilets which are not only eco-friendly but keep the train as well as the tracks clean.

how can Indian railways be improved
Source: Indian Express

Another major improvement Of railway in India we say is the adherence to the time schedule. Now mostly trains especially arrive as per their schedule. This is due to technological advancement and its efficient and proper use. The reservation system has changed drastically due to computerization. Now, one can book, cancel, refund or see the status or any information related to the train is easily available online or on a mobile app which makes things convenient and saves times. Now railway crossings have been automated hence reduces accidents and loss of life as earlier caused due to human negligence.

Introduction of new trains both passengers and wagon have reduced the pressure as the number of passengers have increased on a daily basis so does the cargo. We have seen a significant enhancement in cargo and freight fleets of Indian railway. Now they are more sophisticated due to the use of latest technology which makes it easy to manage things and the delivery of goods within the stipulated time. In spite of developments in this area, the prices are kept at a reasonable rate which can be affordable for all and make the economy grow into double digits.

The efforts of the government, concerned department, ministry, management and staff associated with the smooth operation of railway have made to achieve this feat and made our journey safe and memorable.